John Hansen

Jazz Pianist

"John Hansen is a monster player with an uncanny way of playing strong original melodic shapes in a fresh way...and as an accompanist he knows how to open it up, give it space to breath and he swings his ass off."

-- Jay Thomas, Musician, Multi-instrumentalist, Seattle Hall of Fame

"Highly talented, unassuming, and offering his best effort in every musical situation, John Hansen is a versatile sideman, accompanist and soloist who's a valued part of several top recording and performing jazz groups. And he's way overdue for a CD of his own."

-- Jim Wilke, Jazz After Hours, PRI, Jazz Northwest, KPLU

"John Hansen is of that rarest of breeds: An attentive, discreetly inventive accompanist."

-- Christopher Delaurenti, The Stranger, Classical, Jazz and Avant

"John Hansen is one of the greatest listeners I've ever heard. It seems he can play nothing that's not completely in context and in synch with what's going on around him, stylistically, emotionally, and conceptually."

-- Phil Parisot, Musician, Composer

"John Hansen has made my music better. I am grateful for his talent, professionalism and encouragement. I have heard it said that my music is difficult. When John plays it, it doesn't sound difficult, it just sounds good because he sounds good and he makes it his business to know the music. Lucky me."

-- Jim Knapp, James Knapp Orchestra, Musician, Composer, Arranger